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First slice of Raspberry Pi

A Raspberry Pi Board with attached Brick Pi Board built into a robot made of LEGO techinic elements. with two front wheels and a caster rear wheel.

I’ve had my Pi now for just under 6 months, however for half of that it was in Carlisle while I was in Oxford, and for the two months after that I was too busy to do anything with it; as this was a typical student summer for me: sorting the stuff I’d brought back to Carlisle; packing to back to Derby; and upgrading, fixing and building PCs for family and friends. All that normally keeps me busy enough, but a new addition for this summer was my part-time work at the Pinegrove Hotel, so what little time I had remaining was used to recuperate from all the aforementioned.

Now I’m back in Derby and have my Pi with me, I’ve finally got around to using it properly. My Dissertation piece is going to be based around a robot controllable from the web, but for assembly by an end user with no knowledge of programming or electronics, while still being customisable (i.e. not locking them to a specific form or set of tasks). (more…)